Pete Sayke & Lonegevity: “Heaven Can Wait” [Album Review]

Pete Sayke & Lonegevity: “Heaven Can Wait” [Album Review]

Last year was a polarizing year in hip-hop, I feel certain divisions in the community were severed deeper at least in terms of the mainstream vs. underground argument. At the same time though, we had a lot of serious hip-hop music last year given the social and political climate. However Chicago emcee Pete Sayke takes a unique approach to his music while also paying homage to those who came before him.

In his album “Heaven Can Wait” Sayke gives me a hip-hop album I haven’t heard in a while. Off top Sayke’s style is fun, energetic, full of passion, he strings flows and rhymes together with ease. Before we go any further, Sayke stuck with one producer on “Heaven Can Wait” in Indianapolis producer Lonegevity and together they do a pitch-perfect job at keeping the pace while giving the listener a diverse and well-rounded album.

The underlying sounds provide the entertaining and upbeat feel, don’t get it twisted Sayke covers a myriad of issues surrounding racism, classism, romance and so much more. Sayke & Lonegevity remind me of The Pharcyde with how they’re able to talk about such serious issues while keeping the record upbeat and lively. Tracks like “What It Is” has Sayke speaking on the struggles he’s endured in coming up not only in hip-hop but in life, bringing Ohio artist Blueprint & DreDai. One of my favorites was “Hole In My Pocket” featuring Selina Carrera where the two exchange lines on being broke. Carrera comes in with a beautiful hook that ends with “life is good for me”.

Pete Sayke knows the hurt and struggles you’re going through and made this album for you. To explain his experiences in this life so far and giving the listener some hope in these dark times. “Heaven Can Wait” is as colorful, vibrant and powerful as the album art is. Sayke and Longevity have something special here, I don’t want to undercut the importance of Lonegevity and the duo these two have created. “Heaven Can Wait” brought me back to my high school days of listening to full-length albums with tracks longer than three minutes, full of all types of content and sounds. This was affirmed even more in the bonus tracks, the last of which is a fire cypher with four guests. Check out “Heaven Can Wait” below and let me know what you think.

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