Peace 586: “Al Bee Part I” (feat. Jurny Big)

Peace 586: “Al Bee Part I” (feat. Jurny Big)


Peace 586 is one of the pioneers of hip-hop and seeing his resurgence over these last couple years has been nothing short of amazing. He’s not done yet though, “The Honey Bee” is a project influenced by Peace’s wife Melissa Desiree Vasquez who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis over a decade ago. To raise money and support the cause of fighting this disease we have “The Honey Bee” LP. Today I have the first single which is “Al Bee Pt. 1” featuring none other than Tunnel Rat emcee Jurny Big who per usual rips the track. Peep it, let me know what you think and pre-order “The Honey Bee” below which drops in October.

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