pat junior: “The Ride” [Music Video]

pat junior: “The Ride” [Music Video]

pat junior drops a visual this Friday for his latest single, the ride, processing the highs and lows of success.

“The inspiration of this piece came in light of many recent successes (Hopscotch Festival, cover of Indy Weekly, collaboration with Sinopsis of Kooley High), and the positive and negative climate changes of relationships I have with peers and the general public on the scene. The record most definitely inspired the visual. I wanted to capture what my ‘rides’ would look like in real life. A confessional that’s sometimes by myself and sometimes with the homies.” – pat.

The hip-hop artist from North Carolina has quickly gained attention and recognition after dedicating his career to music full time, releasing Black & Mild (self-produced), and making a splash at Hopscotch Music Festival.

This project is a reflection on pat’s journey so far, and an encouragement to listeners to reflect on their own life stories as well.

“I hope it inspires others to see both sides of life issues… the outer and inner conflict.” – pat.

The visual explores Raleigh with an insider look at the artist’s internal processing. “I want to inspire people to let their steam off in secluded areas instead of to the wrong people. I tend to gather my thoughts on life and various situations while I’m driving, hence ‘the ride.’ I even vent out loud to myself sometimes (I promise I’m not crazy haha).” – pat.

“the ride” is the first single on pat’s sequel to the Black & Mild EP, coming in March 2018.

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