Pat Junior: “An Ode To A Jumpoff” [Music Video]

Pat Junior: “An Ode To A Jumpoff” [Music Video]

North Carolina’s Pat Junior’s grind is unmatched, talented in the lines of production, directing and more. However Pat finds his home emceeing, earlier this year Pat Junior released the next project in his “black & mild” series this one entitled “black wayne

To pair with this project Pat Junior released a short film for his track “an ode to a jumpoff” and it comes at perfect time. With Mental Health Awareness month coming to a close, “an ode to a jumpoff” is the perfect way to close out the month. With a prime opening Pat sets the table to observe and tackle things like depression, anxiety, insecurities and more. Watch the short film below and you can stream Pat Junior’s “Black & Mild: Black Wayne” below.

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