P.A.T Junior: “Blackest Bird” x “IDKBIK” [Song Premiere]

P.A.T Junior: “Blackest Bird” x “IDKBIK” [Song Premiere]

On February, 11th 2016, P.A.T. Junior shared a 30 second visual written letter to his followers via social media:

What’s Up Everybody? I’ve been fairly quiet about my music as of late because I’ve been hard at work.  Well, I need you to ‘test’ some new material…

The artist went on to say that starting February 19th, he’ll be sharing 4 singles from a his upcoming project over the course of a few months (plus a little something extra).  Keeping his word, P.A.T. Junior dropped two singles today.  One from his upcoming project, that will remain online for 24 ours only and a loose single that will remain indefinitely.

Blackest Bird (this will only be up for 24 hours) is a single featuring singer Greg Cox and rapper Benny Star, the two rappers share their experiences of being role models/mentors to at risk youth in their community.  In the face of adversity, the writers continue to remind themselves that “every sentence has to be a feather, added to his wings so he’s blind to the heavy weather”. 

I Don’t Know, But I Know is a single featuring singer/rapper Eons D, where P.A.T. Junior discusses the questioning of his personal faith in God, His desire but failure to do right and his determination to find sureness despite his unsureness.


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