Album Review: P.R – Moment In Time

Album Review: P.R – Moment In Time




I didn’t know what I was getting into when I started listening to Moment In Time by P.R, but after about a minute or so into this seven track EP, I was already bobbing my head while the beats hit hard out of my speakers. Moment In Time is entirely produced by P.R and his work here is great. I must confess that I am a 90’s kid, but I love a large selection of music across genres, so I was pleased to hear P.R’s heavy use of jazz instrumentals in his production on Moment In Time.

The jazz instrumental portions, the R&B and the bass heavy hip-hop production was very refreshing to hear in a mix and when listening to Moment In Time it became quite relaxing. This was especially true on the second track “Our Spot”. I’m still debating with myself if “Our Spot” is my favorite track or the EP’s opener “Set The Scene” featuring Substantial and Brooklyn’s own Skyzoo (both of which deliver some good verses).

Another thing about Moment In Time that I enjoyed was how it was structured. P.R would have a track with an MC or a vocalist flowing over his production, and the following track would just be an instrumental, this gave the EP some nice contrast.

Moment In Time by P.R really packs a punch and is worth a listen if you’re a fan of old school hip hop, R&B, and jazz instrumentals like myself. And really it’s worth a listen if you just like good music. Listen to Moment In Time HERE on P.R’s Bandcamp page, and, if you enjoy what you hear, show your support by buying the EP.

Before I end it here, I must say that I absolutely love the artwork for this EP, that alone should be enough for you to give this EP a listen!


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