Ozay Moore @ozaymoore @illect “Go O Say More” Audio

Ozay Moore @ozaymoore @illect “Go O Say More” Audio


Check out Ozay Moore’s new single “Go O Say More” produced by Sto Elliot.Ozay shares, “Having been an emcee for 20+ years, sometimes you feel as if you’ve exhausted your content database. Like “what am I going to say that hasn’t been said?” or more importantly, “I haven’t said.” Go O! Say More!- is not an attempt to reinvent my, or any other wheel. Simply it’s a play on my name that pushed me to write a song that can be as “loose” in direction as I like. As I continue to live, I continue to accumulate subject matter in which God willing “Time” will allow me to narrate. As for now, I’m glad there is space in my career to flex in anyway I see fit and in this moment, it’s a lot like a young L.L on set for the “I’m Bad” video.”

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