OmarTheGroove: “Before It Gets Better” Pt. 2 [Album Stream]

OmarTheGroove: “Before It Gets Better” Pt. 2 [Album Stream]

Last year I gave you guys Viriginia emcee OmarTheGroove’s album “Before It Gets Better Pt. 1”. Essentially an album dedicated to his relationship with women, it’s easy to throw that album in a lane based solely on description, but OmarTheGroove covered multiple angles and perspectives of his relationships.

OmarTheGroove made his return last Friday with “Before It Gets Better Pt. 2”. First off props to actually following up with a proper sequel (how many hip-hop album sequels are we waiting for?), second Omar seems to pick up right where he left off on part 1. He’s giving us more energy, more stories, more variation in the music. He speaks in detail on the ups and downs in those relationships and doesn’t hold back. Featuring production from MAITRO, LAKIM & more you can take a listen to “Before It Gets Better Pt. 2” below.

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