OMARTheGroove: “Before It Gets Better” Part Two [Album Review]

OMARTheGroove: “Before It Gets Better” Part Two [Album Review]


Last year I introduced you guys to Virginia emcee OmarTheGroove who gave us “Before It Gets Better” Pt. 1. Entirely dedicated to women Omar covered both sides of the coin, “Before It Gets Better” is a celebration of women, but Omar also vents the frustrations he’s had, leaving no stone unturned. Usually, when an artist releases a Pt. 1 of a project, we rarely see the artist return to the idea later. In the case of OmarTheGroove though, he has returned with a proper sequel in “Before It Gets Better” Pt. 2.

While I’m a big fan of “Part Two” projects, it’s rare that the second project exceeds or even matches the quality of the album that pulled everyone in. However, in the case of Omar, he takes and evolves on everything that worked on the previous project. Omar is a chameleon of sorts and he’s able to adapt to a number of sounds.

Omar honestly creates some of the most addictive turnup music I’ve heard, Omar’s energy is unmatched and I can’t wait for the day to him perform live. Omar matches these though with some funky cuts like “Kelis”.

Both MAITRO produced cuts are beautiful and give Omar the new playground to wax poetic on. While “Kelis” deals more with the conflict men & women have in our relationships, the latter half of the EP shows Omar’s utmost love and appreciation for women. The sexy LAKIM produced “Fancy” gets hips moving and grooving again and the closer “Ahri” is an ode to the old classics and I love it. Features from O-Slice and Autumn LaBella takes this track to another level.

“Before It Gets Better” Pt. 2 is how proper sequels should be done, OmarTheGroove takes what worked in Part One and improves on it in the sequel. His honesty on both his mistakes and the mistakes of others might make you want to strangle the Virginia upstart, but after some reflection, you’ll see OmarTheGroove’s “Before It Gets Better” Part Two, fits the vibes for your party, your smoke session, dinner with your lady and more.

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