OmarTheGroove: “Before It Gets Better” [Album Review]

OmarTheGroove: “Before It Gets Better” [Album Review]

EPs really seemed to be the theme of 2017 in hip-hop a lot of artists are giving us shorter potent projects to draw in listeners. Virginia emcee OmarTheGroove released his debut EP “Before It Gets Better” last month, let’s jump in.

First off the project is as vibrant and diverse as the album art created for the EP. Omar doesn’t fit a particular lane, yet appeals to all of them in “Before It Gets Better”. On top of this OmarTheGroove implements the theme of love with balance. Instead of just whiny, mopey “she’s gone” lyrics (nothing wrong with those, they’re actually some of my favorite songs in hip-hop) Omar presents the various stages and angles of relationships with energy, these are all songs you’re going to want to hear live. I’m kind of surprised this joint wasn’t saved for warmer weather because the energy Omar attacks every track with is unparalleled.

I entered this project expecting something really emotional based on the title, and that component is there, but from the jump on “Deelishis” Omar shows this isn’t an EP meant for mourning, rather growth and celebration of life. Omar’s energy and approach the track will have you playing these back before your night out.

A second element that stands out on “Before It Gets Better” are the collaborations. Every track has a different feel and taste, the different artists Omar brings in makes for some heavenly music. “Haley” featuring Bri & Koi Kurama bring such a soulful and heavenly tone to the track that I need more from the ensemble cast. Tracks like “Cardi” featuring Yung Baby Tate has both Omar and Tate coming through with some confident lyrics, the two shine together never outshining the other, but just elevating and creating art for the club, for the ride home, for the activities after and everything in between.

I was pleasantly surprised by “Before It Gets Better” these EPs may be short and sweet, however I feel this shows OmarTheGroove’s potential and who knows what a fully focused full-length from the Virginia native would sound like. I do feel “Before It Gets Better” is more of a summertime effort in terms of sound, that said I strongly suggest you throw this on at your wintertime banger this month.

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