O.C. : “A New Dawn” (Official Video)

O.C. : “A New Dawn” (Official Video)

O.C. paints a harrowing portrait of our world’s future in his politically charged new video for “A New Dawn,” the debut set of visuals off the February 16th release of his latest effort, A New Dawn, which is the second phase of his Same Moon Same Sun trilogy.  I must say O.C has come a long way since his 1994 debut “Word, Life”. He has been pretty consistent with his art dropping solo albums all through the early 2000s till date and also working alongside the legendary DITC (Digging In The Crates Crew made up of acts like Fat Joe, Big L, Buckwild, Diamond D, Showbiz, A.G,). I’d consider him the more active member of the group while Fat Joe seemed to be the only one to attain commercial success. O.C hasn’t lost a pep in his step as he always comes correct with his unique flow, insightful lyrics, and thought-provoking subject matter on every project with this new one not being an exception.

Flanked by men wearing all-too-real masks of Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, the Brooklyn rap king provides a vivid lyrical breakdown of his current mindstate, and where we may all be headed if things don’t change. Not to give too much away, but it’s pretty clear where the world—or what’s left of it—could be headed, but it’s not all doom and gloom from O.C. and video director Harold Urena. There are some wise words being spoken from the legendary emcee, as his vocals glide over the Gwop Sullivan-produced instrumental, but perhaps none resonate more strongly that: “If the beef ain’t life-threatening, I walk off/ Think before I react now, but I’m not soft.” There’s truth in that statement that goes beyond merely knowing when to walk away or stand up for yourself, and it becomes all too apparent when the final images of “A New Dawn” fill your screen.

Check out the visuals for “A New Dawn” and head over to the retail outlet of your choice to support the album, which is all major digital platforms, and can be purchased on both CD and vinyl via Slice Of Spice/DITC.

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I kind of want to hear how you found their music. Perhaps this is more of a stylistic point, but I kind of want to see the O.C. from you with the lease of a fan then again with the lens of a music critic.

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