NoFace, Rapper: “Wintercoat” EP (Album Review)

NoFace, Rapper: “Wintercoat” EP (Album Review)

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Virginia emcee NoFace, Rapper is everything you want in an emcee rolled into one entity. He’s personal on the mic however not to the point of being labeled an “emo-rapper” (a label I hate btw) and he combines that with battle raps and beats to knock your teeth in. Enter the “Wintercoat” EP four tracks deep produced by Derrick Jones Jr. NoFace shows his versatility and has whets your taste for something bigger to come.

The standout track on here is easily the title track. Which infuses the personal stories of NoFace while motivating us to a call to action. Wintercoat is a metaphor comparable to armor or the like with Life being the battle or the “cold” that we face daily. “Freezer Burn” shows the other side of NoFace, aggressive willing to body emcees stepping out of place and making the mistake to challenge him. He’s calling out emcees and showing his lyrical prowess throughout the track.

NoFace shows a ton of potential on the “Wintercoat” EP, the only real issue is that the project clocks in at just under 15 minutes. The four tracks are dense enough to get you by, but I couldn’t help but think I was listening to a sampler instead of a fleshed out EP. That being said Derrick Jones Jr’s beats mixed with NoFace, Rapper’s chameleon like style, I personally am really excited to see where he goes next. If you haven’t listened to “Wintercoat” you can check it out HERE and we even sat down with the Virginia emcee and you can read that interview HERE.

Grade: B

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