NoFace Rapper: “Never Fear Rejection” [Album Review]

NoFace Rapper: “Never Fear Rejection” [Album Review]

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Virginia emcee NoFace Rapper stepped on the scene for us back in January with his debut EP “Wintercoat”. The project was fitting for the winter time as it seems that’s when life is the most brutal. In fact I remember having just lost my job trying to get back on my feet when this joint came out. Since the release of his debut NoFace has rocked numerous shows and even some festivals. Now here we are nine months later with his follow-up EP “Never Fear Rejection”.

With six tracks in this installment, NoFace sounds more comfortable and confident on the mic this time around and this is heard throughout the entire project. In both the intro and the single “No Grammys” NoFace speaks on not being swayed or persuaded by accolades. Breaking into the mainstream isn’t the mission, NoFace has the talent to change the game with his grind and talent.

There is a loose theme of not being afraid of rejection and just being yourself, that said NoFace is still being personal and bringing you into his life. While I didn’t expect it, “Velma’s Interlude” is actually my favorite track. It’s short, sweet and to the point, but so pertinent and heavy with emotion of where NoFace has been this year. The album closes with “Divulgence” and it works perfectly to really bring the project together. NoFace choosing to mix his story with the more upbeat joints is a good move on his part.

“Never Fear Rejection” is a great follow-up to the “Wintercoat” EP. Where “Wintercoat” was very personal and honestly had a bit colder of a tone to it, “Never Fear Rejection” calls us to pursue our dreams and goals regardless of naysayers including ourselves. My only gripe with the EP was “Stranger Things” it didn’t really seem to fit with the rest of the joints. Other than that I suggest giving NoFace a shot, you’ll like what you hear.

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