NoFace Rapper : “No Grammys” (prod. The Cratez)

NoFace Rapper : “No Grammys” (prod. The Cratez)



“In life, sometimes you don’t receive the credit you deserve for being the best. You very well may be the best artist, employee, chef, or etc. but sometimes we have to be ok with the fact that we may never win an award for our contributions.  We have to be ready to receive whatever God has in store for each and every one of us.  NoFace, Rapper  shares this sentiment in The Cratez  produced “No Grammys“.

Bio: Hip hop should be about balance. With unquivering honesty and introspection, NoFace, Rapper uses unpredictable production and quality rhymes to express his perspective on life and emotion as best as he knows how in order to relate to the everyday human being.
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