Nobigdyl | Canopy Written Album Review | @Nobigdyl @Chicangeorge

Nobigdyl | Canopy Written Album Review | @Nobigdyl @Chicangeorge



With so many artists creating music, being in the spotlight is a big deal in 2017. Ironically, Nobigdyl would like to humbly stay in the background as his faith and story are in the forefront with his new album “Canopy”. This project is a symbolic look as to how his “canopy” covered him through some dark times and isolation he experienced in his life. He reflects how the darkness actually can make it easier to see the light.

He starts the album off with “Treetops“. On this track, he creatively discusses focusing on moving higher in life through his tree climbing experience to the tree top. Leaving the worries of the world at the ground, he breaks down how important it is to get solar power and spits “living water, he rained on me, raised by the son, that’s photosynthesis“.  On “Burn“, he talks about how he burned with envy towards other rappers and how he had to overcome his pride and competitive spirit. Next on “Video”, he gives a ode to his wife declaring that ” On the late nights, I can be your Letterman“. Nobigdyl goes deep on depression with “Suicide Nets” and  follows the track up with album favorite “Purple Dinosaur“. Similar to the theme song of “Barney”, Nobigdyl tries to make you feel the love by the end of the song. He goes on to speak openly about his weaknesses in life on “Shade Tree“, in which he is asking for God to “shade” him from going back down the road of destruction.

This is a great album. Even though Nobigdyl brings high energy and creative flows and bars throughout the album, it’s pretty dark. This is what makes this album so complex, because you can look at it from both sides of the coin. On one side, we can see him see showing his growth as a artist/man and on the other side we can see a conceptual story of a man that is rising to the top (Treetops) who then falls (Burn) and learns how to grow again the right way throughout the album. This isn’t a one time listen and should be considered as one of the best listens of the year. Nobigdyl’s “Canopy” will surely catch all listeners and covers the basics of him being a big deal in the game. Spread The Soup!


You can check the album out >>>>HERE!

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