Nique: “The Summer”

Nique: “The Summer”

While winter is still clearly in the air, that doesn’t mean we have given into the cold, who’s to say we can’t start getting ready for the summer. That’s exactly what Texas emcee Nique is here to do with his single “The Summer“.

In a climate of under 32 degrees, chilling winds and the inevitable blizzard right around the corner, Nique warms us up with this banger. We’ve been working so hard at the top of the year, Nique is helping us to let go of our sorrows and pain from the past year and celebrate what’s to come. Nique has a small hook in the middle of the joint, but for the most part, the Texas emcee is spitting all the way through the three minute cut. You can peep the cut below and get ready for Nique’s EP “2018” set to be released on April 6th.

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