Nicolay & Kay – Tight Eyes (ft. Oh No & The Love Bugz) [Kensaye Remix]

Nicolay & Kay – Tight Eyes (ft. Oh No & The Love Bugz) [Kensaye Remix]


Kensaye continues his tour of remixes this time tackling one of my favorite producers work Nicolay and did an admirable job if I must say so myself. It’s part soul and part hip hop if that makes any sense. Look at it this way, you have the chords that stay pretty consistent throughout the song setting the tone for the record throughout. When the emcees rap, the song takes on a new sound that still remains consistent with the theme of the record first introduced at the beginning and this keeps the record interesting. Kensaye does this in other sections of the song and I must add that it is a really good touch because those repetitive chords can become hypnotizing to the ear because the chords themselves don’t really go anywhere which I’ll argue isn’t their true purpose. When it’s all said and done, this was a job well done by Kensaye.

Listen: Nicolay & Kay-Tight Eyes (ft. Oh No & The Love Bugz) [Kensaye Remix]

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