Nicki, Remy And The Rest Of Us: We Deserve Better

Nicki, Remy And The Rest Of Us: We Deserve Better



After weeks of speculation and uncertainty, Nicki Minaj finally dropped 3 songs last week. 1 of those songs have verbal jabs aimed at Remy Martin. The song in question is titled “ Frauds” and features label mates Drake and Lil’ Wayne.

The internets again, went bananas with mixed reactions regarding the song. The song itself doesn’t feel like a straight up diss song but rather a pop influenced trap banger. Must as I hate to admit, Nicki is still in pocket with this one. The lyrics are personal..

…I got before and after pictures of your surgery
Ra took you to her doc, but you don’t look like Ra
Left the operating table, still look like “nah.”,

She even brought up Remy’s past with

…What type of bum bitch shoot a friend over a rack?
What type of mother leave her one son over a stack?…

These amongst other jabs hit below the belt and coming right after Remy’s not so solid “Another One” and her announcement about being done with the beef, we are not even sure how this situation will unfold in the nearest future.

The song is currently sitting at #1 on the iTunes chart and her fans are straight up sipping the Minaj Kool aid like their lives depended on it. Like let’s be very objective with this and take away all the unnecessary  add-ons preventing most of us from seeing past our clouded views. Claiming her verse destroyed Remy Ma‘s career is by far the most incredulous thing ever. While the personals in the lyrics may hurt, it was quite predictable to be honest.

She mentioned the commercial failure of “Plata O Plomo“… Check



She brought up Pap ghostwriting for her… Check


She also mentioned Remy‘s under par diss “Another One“… double check.


Nicki is not saying anything new here and I’m slowly tired of this lacklustre back and forth. This debacle may soon become the worst rap beef in the entire 40+ years of Hip-Hop.


I feel Hip-Hop deserves better at this point. While “No Frauds” will be played in the clubs regardless, it’s mild compared to SHether and that singing is just so off putting, I feel like feeding myself a glass sandwich with rusty nails.


The other options right now is either Remy completely backs off (I highly doubt this) or comes back with a genuinely dope rebuttal and please she needs to think this through. She needs to get a hard-ass beat and stop playing the same tune with Nicki, forget the iTunes or stream charts and go for gusto. HipHop deserves better diss songs or non at all.

Changed It is far from a diss song but rather a braggadocio filled diatribe towards the “bitches” and a clever reworking of Biggie’s famous lines “MJ  game 6, Jack-son, Tyson “.

NB: That #NickiChallenge is plain catty and totally asinine. Like OT Genasis…


Some one needs to “CUT IT. Enough said.

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