New Single: MeRCY Feat. B. Gordon – Pink Cocaine (Prod. by Solidified)

  New Single: MeRCY Feat. B. Gordon – Pink Cocaine (Prod. by Solidified)

Pink Cocaine” is the second single by South Florida’s wordsmith MeRCY from his new upcoming project Montana Lives Forever: The Lost Keys. The record features R&B singer B. Gordon. The song illustrates the deterioration of the relationship between MeRCY and his addiction. Utilizing a crazy sample, Solidified laces a instrumental that is both soulful and assertive which uniquely captures B. Gordon vocals so smoothly. The beat is very reminiscent of a classic RZA/Wu-Tang like track based on the dustiness and haunting background vocals of the sample. Once again, MeRCY glides effortlessly over the  Bruce Lee-meets-Marvin Gaye production. Lookout for The Lost Keys to be released later this month. 

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