The New Run The Jewels Music Video Is Unsettling

The New Run The Jewels Music Video Is Unsettling


Skeletons are the perfect way to create a pseudo-scary atmosphere, but Run The Jewels has re-instilled a frightening vibe in the fleshless beings. In their latest music video “Don’t Get Captured,” El-P and Killer Mike can be seen observing a vicious environment from their comfortable skull cart. The video holds many messages, one of the most apparent being a quick example of what gentrification looks like. The fact that RTJ is riding through and observing this from afar like some amusement park ride says a lot about how some people, myself included, see these issues occurring and don’t really know how to help people experiencing it. All most people feel they can do is watch and hope for the best, or they just don’t care about the afflicted being pushed around by rich people.

“Don’t Get Captured” originally released with the album Run The Jewels 3 last year, but the video is new and you should watch it. It’s below these words, ripe for the clicking. Directed by Chris Hopewell.

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