New Avatar Darko Video Filmed in Russia! – “Kalashnikov Pt. 2” [Prod. by Southside]

New Avatar Darko Video Filmed in Russia! – “Kalashnikov Pt. 2” [Prod. by Southside]

Avatar Darko presents his self-directed “Kalashnikov Pt. 2” video. Produced by Southside, the video was filmed in Moscow and Perm, Russia, the city that went by Molotov during the Soviet era and is responsible for Molotov cocktails.

“Kalashnikov Pt. 2” is found on Soviet Goonion, available for free download here. Most recently, Avatar collaborated with Nacho Picasso for the Vampsterdam EP that is available for download here.

About Avatar Darko:

By the time he was three months old, Ukrainian/Russian Danny “Avatar Darko” Degtjar and his family moved nearly 5,000 miles across the world and settled in Seattle, Washington. From an early age, Avatar attracted trouble like a magnet and embraced it. After every father figure was torn from his life, he fully submitted to the lure of the streets by his early teens.

He has since moved to Los Angeles to escape the temptations of life on the block, and to pursue a degree in Digital Media Arts. As a result of his upbringing and cultural heritage, Av’s music is brutally honest.

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