Nathaniel Shalom: “Hearing Voices Produced Substance” [Album Review]

Nathaniel Shalom: “Hearing Voices Produced Substance” [Album Review]

R&B is an interesting space these days, still underrated in my opinion and not absorbed fully, all that said there are plenty of talented artists in the R&B space. UK artist Nathaniel Shalom is here with his EP “Hearing Voices Produced Substance”. Spurred by a stage where Shalom was dealing with anxiety, depression and panic attacks, he gives us seven songs to express himself.

Off top, Nathaniel Shalom can sing, his voice is heavenly and hypnotizing and this EP was a joy to listen to. I believe Nathaniel Shalom is meant to be the star and focus on the EP, the production doesn’t grab you, but Shalom’s voice really is captivating enough to carry the project. You can feel the love in joints like “Wake Up In The Morning” & “U Turn Love”.

My only gripes come in when you take the project as a whole, Shalom clearly can sing but sometimes the emotion seems held back. The lyrics are decent however they can get kind of stale as some of the songs extend well over the three minute mark.

All of this said, Nathaniel Shalom is a talented artist with stories to tell, I’m interested to see where Shalom goes, because if he continues to grow as an artist and continues to get more confident with his voice, watch out. A full-length from this man could really shake up the genre and I’m excited at the prospect of it. You can stream “Hearing Voices Produced By Substance” below, let me know what you think.

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