Namebe Soul: “Souvenirs” EP [Album Review]

Namebe Soul: “Souvenirs” EP [Album Review]


UK emcee Namebe Soul is a breathe of fresh air for hip-hop and he just released his debut EP “Souvenirs”. I think it’s everything you want in an introductory project from an artist, Soul shows a wide range of skills over a wide range of sounds that fit his style. Let’s jump into “Souvenirs”!

Namebe doesn’t really spend any time on the glitz and glamour he wants you to fall in love with his words and the way he says them. “Discovering Energies” has Soul introducing himself to the audience and it really gives us a summary of where the EP is going. In that one song alone, we hear Soul’s struggle, but also hear the confidence he has in his talent and ability.

Right after the intro track “FELA” comes in and smacks you right in the face with a banger and Namebe Soul smashes on to the scene full of confidence. “FELA” has Soul calling people to action but also calling out naysayers, clever lines like “Put me up against Thanos with no ammo/or against Magento with bow and arrow” can’t help but make you smile. And it’s exactly that vibe that makes “Souvenirs” such a wonderful listen.

Soul continues to tip the scales with tracks where he’s flexing like “Posers” but I think Soul is at his best on tracks like “Eternal Beams”. Accompanied by production from Scott Xylo and a beautiful saxophone in the outro, Soul really evokes a vibe on this EP and “Eternal Beams” feels like the culmination of it. Soul delivers enough to be impressed by his ability and keeps enough in mystery to have us wondering what a full-length from this man is going to sound like. “Souvenirs” is full of energy and potential and Namebe Soul shines on it.

You can stream “Souvenirs” below, keep it locked here an interview with Namebe Soul is coming next week!

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