Music | Lon-g-The Orientation @lon_genius

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Music | Lon-g-The Orientation @lon_genius

Cleaning out the inbox a little more today. The Orientation is one that was submitted and while I only have a sample, “Window Seat“, I liked what I heard enough to post it up. Check out the tracklist and download link below.

Track listing

1. Window Seat
2. 2 Man Wolfpack (ft. C’aga G’aga)
3. Creep [Prod. By The Shooters]
4. The Wristworkers
5. What Is This Velvet [Prod. By The Shooters]
6. Bag Lady [Prod. By The Shooters]
7. Refund Check
8. WE ALL THAT (ft. Dazzy Def) [Prod. By MooreHouse Music]
9. The Life (ft. Nino) [Prod. By Freebass Beats]
10. Perfect Imperfections (ft. Vito)
11. Eddie Caine [Prod. By Southern MC]
12. Keep It Real
13. In My System [Prod. By Rico James]
14. supercalifragilisticexpialiDOPESHIT [Prod. By Ty Woods]
15. Lon-G For President (ft. J Cole)
16. Love Seat (ft. Shod B.) [Prod. By MooreHouse Music]
17. SFA Cypher (ft. MT, C’aga G’aga, Lon-G, & Southern MC)
18. STARpower
19. Intramural Lover
20. 7 Dazed (ft. Roy O., Kiddo, & Lon-G) [Prod. By Ohio]
21. Back In The Day (ft. MT & Tony) [Prod. By The Shooters]
22. Motivated (ft. T Pain)

Download: Lon-G-The Orientation


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