Murs and 9th Wonder Call For “Brighter Daze” (Album Review)


Murs and 9th Wonder, one of hip-hop’s best duos in history, have come back and blessed us with a new LP. Back in 2012, the two released “The Final Adventure” which at the time they announced would be their last album together. Consisting of 10 tracks Murs and 9th ended their journey on the right note and once “It’s Over” played, I was sad but satisfied….Fast forward 3 years from then on New Year’s Eve (2015) I see a tweet saying Murs and 9th are back. Lo and behold two of hip-hop’s finest in Murs and 9th Wonder decided to come back together and give us “Brighter Daze” and my friends, they have not missed a beat.

If you’ve peeped any of the Murs and 9th Wonder projects before, what you get from this project won’t surprise you. 9th with his soulful, jazzy, sampled production and Murs’ humorous anecdotes detailing his love life, tales from the block all while still reminding you that he’s better than your favorite rapper. 9th and Murs continue their legacy of making consistent dope hip-hop music and it all starts with “The Battle” where Murs proclaims “Its Murs and 9th wonder and we back to f*ck it up again”.

As usual Murs gives us stories from his days on the block and on this record it comes in the form of “How to Rob with Rob”. Murs has always had a talent in storytelling, with his ability to build a plot and give soul to the characters and this track is no different. In that same breath the Living Legend conveys the seriousness of his struggles but tells the story in a way the listener understand and still enjoy the track. Of course it goes without saying that 9th Wonder’s soundscape sets the tone perfectly for Murs to go in. I have to wonder though, how in the world did Murs continue to get mixed up in these predicaments over the years?

Aside from Phonte, I think Murs might make my favorite love songs in hip-hop. This time around we get “Lover Murs” “If This Should End” “Wait….Back It Up” to help us trek through Murs romantic adventures. In “If This Should End” Murs contemplates what would happen between him and his wife if their marriage didn’t work out. In a world where divorce is more common than an actual long-lasting marriage this song home. The ever looming doubt of whether love is forever and what happens if it isn’t? Murs takes us road we don’t see too often in our social media ruled world, but Murs hopes that no matter what happens the two of them can remain friends. He speaks on his family history of relationships and if I’m correct I think he mentioned a woman that spoke about on “The Final Adventure”. Where most love songs and breakup tunes criticize the partner Murs shows maturity.

Brighter Daze” was what we expected from 9th and Murs, dope beats and dope rhymes. Murs picked up right where he left off lyrically on “The Final Adventure” and 9th does what he’s always done best. You can feel Murs’ maturity not just in love tracks but even when decides to talk religion (like on my favorite track “Walk Like A God” featuring Propaganda and Rapsody) he speaks with a wisdom to enlighten the masses. What we get at the end of it all, is the return of two superheroes we thought had left us years ago. Murs with his intricate storytelling and humor coupled with 9th’s classic and legendary production, the two came together and gave us pure, dope, personal, historical hip-hop. Make sure you peep the stream below and if you like what you hear you can download the album for free and let me know what you in the comment section. Let’s pray that this isn’t the last time we hear from these two legends.

Grade: B+

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