MTV Series | Ludacris is #10 Hottest MC’s In the Game

MTV Series | Ludacris is #10 Hottest MC’s In the Game

And, here we go. First, BET, let loose their Top 10 Rappers of the 21st Century which should be thrown out the window. And now, MTV is issuing their Top 10 Hottest MC’s In the Game. For those of you that care, here is the criteria:

As in 2008 and2009, the list, determined by the MTV News Hip-Hop Brain Trust, is based on an MC’s achievements right now, rather than an entire career. The criteria is based on a combination of rhyme skill, flow and how those things are implemented musically. The Brain Trust also considered buzz, impact, commercial success — sales, airplay, business ventures, Web presence, endorsements and helping to spawn other artists’ careers — and the intangible, impact: Can an artist not only contribute to the rap game but influence cultural shifts? Are they trendsetters? All of these factors contributed to deciding who is the Hottest MC in the Game.

Kicking things off this year is Ludacris.

Flame Thrower: Ludacris
2010 Rank: #10
Collection: Battle of the Sexes
Previous Rankings: N/A

Luda earned his first appearance on the list based on the strength of his last release ‘Battle of the Sexes.’  Ludacris is routinely overlooked as a dope MC.  Not making 2008’s list, Ludacris expressed his disapproval on Mixtape Daily. “I’m top five, dead or alive/ And MTV, y’all must be out yo’ muthaf—in’ mind.”  That didn’t work.  And while ‘Battle of the Sexes’ was ok, it wasn’t even that album that pushed MTV to add Ludacris to the list.  Oh, no.  It took a Justin Bieber feature to get him on.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen…that guy.  10 years of rapping in the game and movie appearances just isn’t good enough.  But that Justin Bieber record, man on man, that was what set him over the top!

Where Luda really shined this year, though, was in his collaborations. He was featured on Justin Bieber’s smash “Baby,” which gave the teenybopper some street cred while also giving Luda a huge look at Top 40 radio. The video for “Baby” is the most viewed in the history of YouTube.

GIVE ME A BREAK!  O, this is utterly ridiculous.  I am glad Ludacris is finally getting a look but really doe, I find it disrespectful that the man could not even crack the top 10 based on his own merits.  You read the rest of this mess here.

I am dreading #9.

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