Mr. Mek On His Introduction To Music, “The Huddy Bolly Collective” & More [Interview]

Mr. Mek On His Introduction To Music, “The Huddy Bolly Collective” & More [Interview]

Pursuing a music career is no easy task, regardless of whether you’re a popular legend or a talented newcomer, trying to make it in this industry is difficult. On Mr. Mek’s “The Huddy Bolly Collective”, Mek tackles the numerous angles and perspectives on the pursuit of success. Mek has an air of confidence on this project but isn’t unrealistically cocky, Mek let’s us in on the negative sides of this pursuit as well. We had a chance to catch up with the Kansas City standout to talk about his journey so far.

Dead End Hip Hop: Who is Mr. Mek for those who still don’t know?

Mr. Mek: I am a 24 year old rapper from Kansas City, KS. Been doing this for almost 10 years. I’m an anime lovin’, sports watchin’, game playin’ individual with a strong passion for bars and beats.

DEHH: How did you go from hip-hop fan to deciding you wanted to emcee and put yourself out there as an artist?

MM: Well, as a kid there was this guy named Moph and he actually wrote a verse for me. I would perform that verse at an outreach program I was part of. I didn’t really have the passion for it then, but I felt like this gave me a jumpstart with the ability to actually rap words. I appreciate Moph so much. I can still rap that verse to this day. Much love.

Fast forward to when Kanye West’s Late Registration came out. This is the album that really inspired me to pick up a mic. When I first started writing my own music it was pure trash. I was in a group with my brothers and they all outperformed me everytime. It took til I was about 16 to really decide that I wanted this and I would work twice as hard.

DEHH: Let’s jump into things, how did the idea for “The Huddy Bolly Collective” come about?

MM: So I was flying down the highway and I was listening to my oldies playlist and Buddy Holly “That’ll Be The Day” came on. I don’t know why I was so fascinated. I have a wild music taste. Buddy Holly was in a tragic plane accident and died with a couple other young icons. They called that day The Day That Music Died. I felt like the music was still alive and would be forever. That’s where I got the title for the song “Music Is Alive”. After that, I wanted to call my project The Huddy Bolly Collective and give the cover an old school theater but also futuristic vibe. Shoutout Neil Simpson and Dennis Gatz for bringing this to life with me.

DEHH: It’s pretty clear this is a loose concept album, how were able to execute this on an EP?

MM: So the main idea of this project was to get something out there. Think of it as a hoopmixtape of mixtapes. I want to show people I have SOMETHING to present. The Huddy Bolly Collective was just me expressing myself, my dreams, and a small insight to my inner struggles. I wanted to touch on a little bit of everything. I’ve been rapping for so long and I realized I never had a real project put out. I had to change that for myself. I had to prove to myself I could make a budget and put together a project, even if it has a loose concept. It’s only up from here!

DEHH: There’s a lot going on on “The Huddy Bolly Collective” it’s a bit of a roller coaster actually, it starts on a positive confident note, dips a bit and then ascends at the end. Intentional right?

MM: Definitely intentional. I felt like THBC had to showcase everything about me. I wanted to put my bars, dreams, struggles, and versatility out for everyone to see. The structure was me thinking story based. I wanted to start with the Introduction, Talk that talk with the next, then bring it on down with the next couple then slowly bring it back to the grand finale.

DEHH: What do you want people to leave the “The Huddy Bolly Collective” with?

MM: I want people to take notice. I want to be on their radar. I want people to get in now and watch me grow even more. It really is only up from here. I want people to feel good and feel like they can do whatever they want to do in life.

DEHH: I know it’s only first quarter but what can we expect from you for the rest of 2018?

MM: I HAVE SO MUCH I WANT TO DO. My main focus is shows and more music. I would also like to collab with other artists and network with producers. I’m also looking into a music video or 2. I’ll also be working on another project that will definitely be on all streaming outlets. I’ve also been thinking about vlogging, but we’ll see! I’m evolving and I want people to see that. Come fly with me.

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