Mr. Mek: The Huddy Bolly Collective” [Album Review]

Mr. Mek: The Huddy Bolly Collective” [Album Review]

The conceptual project is a rarity these, in that same breathe the bar for concept albums rose when Kendrick Lamar dropped “To Pimp A Butterfly”. Mr. Mek throws his hat into the arena with his EP “The Huddy Bolly Collective”.

Mek starts the project with “Music Is Alive” however, I think his introduction really comes in on “Be A Star” & “On & On” where we Mek holds his own in making sure that it’s understood he’s here to stay as an emcee in hip-hop. I liken the personality of Mek to Chance the Rapper, Mek is encouraging the listener to really commit to who they are to go get what they want out of this life.

Now after the first couple tracks, I was a bit afraid Mek was going to stay in this slightly overconfident lane. On “Do You Come Here Often” though Mek strips away all the walls and lets us in on the other side of trying to accomplish your goals. I don’t care how confident we all pretend to be, at the end of the day some type of doubt surfaces and Mek is no different. Mek understands that this hip-hop thing isn’t just about being noticed and receiving accolades, there are people depending on Mek to succeed and that pressure can break us down sometimes.

“The Huddy Bolly Collective” comes full circle though and ends with Mek focused on the green and focused on succeeding. It’s clear that Mek is still finding his sound and finding his lane, there are times where he’s a smidge offbeat and I think like three of the hooks some almost exactly the same in cadence and flow. All of that said, Mek is going to be a force once he hones his skills on the mic.

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