MoSS: “Day & Night” (feat. Eternia) [Music Video]

MoSS: “Day & Night” (feat. Eternia) [Music Video]

Yesterday during my ever so productive time of looking at Twitter, I saw a tweet from Canadian producer Moss tweeting a track that he did with Eternia. Now for you young heads, Eternia and MoSS released a cult classic in “At Last” back in 2010. But then Eternia broke my heart to pieces and retired from hip-hop, dropping guest verses and tracks every so often, but alas she was gone. Until yesterday when she reunited with MoSS to release “Day & Night”. This joint is a track off of MoSS’ solo album “Marching To The Sound Of My Own Drum” which apparently dropped in November of last year (meaning I need to scoop it up). Eternia gets introspective and reflective with brutal honesty in her journey through life so far, both the dark and the light, the good and the bad. MoSS comes with nice drums and guitar riffs to bring this soundscape to life. If you like what you hear you can stream the entire album below.

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