Morris Ogbowu: “Mood + Shame”

Morris Ogbowu: “Mood + Shame”

Canadian emcee Morris Ogbowu is getting set to release his EP “This That Mo” later this month and to preview the upcoming project, Ogbowu has dropped two singles in “Mood” & “Shame”. Both tracks are fueled with energy and passion, but delivers this in two different ways. “Shame” shows Ogbowu can do club-hit and would easily turn the party out if this joint came on.

“Mood” on the other hand has our hero truly snapping, the track takes more of a dark atmosphere where Ogbowu strikes his opponent quickly, the raps almost come off as darts and really gives us a peek into what “This That Mo” will sound like. You can catch Morris Ogbowu on the road this summer as he will performing at Ottawa’s RBC Bluefest 2018.

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