Morris Ogbowu: “This That Mo” [Album Review]

Morris Ogbowu: “This That Mo” [Album Review]

Being an artist is no easy feat, from the moment you conceive an idea for the first song, all the way to release day, that’s a grueling and difficult journey to embark on. When you finally get to turning in the final mix, you want to have put your best foot forward. Canadian emcee Morris Ogbowu has released “This That Mo” a collection of tracks giving Ogbowu a platform to introduce himself to a new fanbase as he starts to ascend in popularity.

Ogbowu’s priority with “This That Mo” is get people acclimated to his work as he prepares to perform in BluesFest in Ottawa later this summer. Seven tracks deep Ogbowu tries to show as many sides of himself as possible. From the darkly produced Donato track “Ego”, to the more emotionally vulnerable “Only You” which happens to be my favorite track on this.

One of my gripes with the record though, is that sometimes it feels like Ogbowu is holding back. Even when singing Ogbowu finds a level and stays on it, if that makes any sense. “Visions” is a heater of a track produced by DayOne, both Ogbowu & the feature Keynes Woods display lyrical acrobatics on this track, but the hook immediately took me out of the experience, I couldn’t feel the energy and passion on it.

Now none of this is to say that the project lacks energy, a live show with Ogbowu would be amazing to watch given the different moods and vibes that Ogbowu is channeling throughout this EP. It’s clear Ogbowu is still growing as an artist, but his ceiling is nonexistent, “This That Mo” is an extension of his talent and potential as an artist.

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