Monty Benjamin: “Drought”

Monty Benjamin: “Drought”

After premiering the lead the lead single “FRIENDS” late 2016, campaigning the follow-up single “Vibin‘” in November 2017, and a marathon of guest appearances & freestyles, Fans waited on the edge of their seats for the official release date of the highly anticipated album “In. Confidence“. With little clues on an official release date. One status explained it all. “The Drought Is Over“.

Cincinnati creative force Monty C. Benjamin is back with a new track entitled “Drought”. This smooth & textured turned thunderous banger is riddled with clever wordplay, catchy melodies and Monty’s signature dynamic voice.

With the release date drawing closer, this is another dope track to add to the Monty C. Benjamin catalog. “In. Confidence” April 17th 2018.

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