Moe Waveyy: “Honor” [prod. by Noah Yisra’el]

Moe Waveyy: “Honor” [prod. by Noah Yisra’el]


New York emcee Moe Waveyy has been catching fire the last couple of years, his trek continues with the “No Love” EP slated to come out earlier this year. To get fans ready for this he released a bonus track called “Honor”. Produced by Noah Yisra’el, Waveyy doesn’t leave any stone left unturned and is calling out everyone from sucka rappers to those just not doing what it takes to make it. Noah’s sampled beat with a trap vibe fits Waveyy like a glove. Stream the joint below and if you like it’s a free download. Be on the lookout for Moe Waveyy’s “No Love” EP dropping soon.

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