Mixtape | Remedy-It All Comes Down To This

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Mixtape | Remedy-It All Comes Down To This

It All Comes Down to This” is the latest mixtape from Remedy presented by Code Red Entertainment, Diamond Music Group and Refined Hype. Known for his Wu-Tang affiliate work and the holocaust tribute “Never Again” featured on the platinum Wu-Tang Killa BeesThe Swarm” compilation album. Remedy features a collection of new tracks, freestyles, and previously released songs and remixes.

It All Comes Down to This” features Killah Priest, JoJo Pelligrino, King Just, R.A. The Rugged Man, Blaq Poet, Trife Diesel and more. Production includes Remedy himself, RZA, Frank Dukes, J. Glaze, Godzwrath and more. Yeah.

Tracklist and Download below.

01. Hip Hop’s Holiest
02. Streets Are Watchin
03. Saturday Night (ft. Trife Diesel)
04. You Ain’t A Hustler
05. Transporting (ft. JoJo Pellegrino)
*06. 2010 Re-Emergence (ft. King Just)
*07. Black and White Millionaires (ft. Lounge Lo & King Just)
08. Mob Pirates
09. Sinnin (ft. Shawn Wigs & JoJo Pellegrino)
10. Tonites Still The Nite
11. Behind Those Eyes (ft. AC)
12. Testimony (ft. Killah Priest)
13. Never Again – Flashback
14. I Love My Land
15. All A Dream
16. StupidDumbRetarded (ft. King Just & Lounge Lo)
17. Startin Something (ft. King Just, Solomon Childs)
18. Posse Cut [Remix] (ft. RA the Rugged Man, Hell Razah, JoJo Pellegrino & Blaq Poet)
19. Ambush Revisited
20. The Duelist
21. Danger Outro

DOWNLOAD: Remedy-It All Comes Down To This


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