Mixtape: Maschine Masters – On The Spot Sessions Vol 1

Mixtape: Maschine Masters – On The Spot Sessions Vol 1


Maschine Masters and Producers Gear presents their first On The Spot Sessions mixtape. The On The Spot Sessions are songs created live without any rehearsal and captured on video. This unique experience puts artist and producer in the studio together to create a song from scratch. You can listen to the songs created from those sessions below.

Listen: Maschine Masters – On The Spot Sessions Vol 1

Sample Packs used to make these songs can be found here On The Spot Sessions Mixtape Packs.

You can also watch the making of all tracks here: On The Spot Sessions.

Executive Producer


Video Producers

Rich Blanco
Jack Spade
Deac The Villain

Mix Engineers

Mike Kuz
Amond Jackson
Lorenzo R.
Hellfire Beats

Mastering Engineer


Sound Pack Creators

Billy Blass
Boonie Mayfield
Ratchet Gxds
Seige Monstracity
Alist Fame
Sound Oracle
Mike Kalombo

DJ Credits

DJ Reemo
Hellfire Beats

Recording Studios

DITC Studios
Midtown Studios Miami
Sweet Sounds Studio NYC
The Vault Sound Studios
SOI Studios
Sound Off Recording Studios NYC
Salem Psalms Studios ATL
Cutting Room Studios NYC
Roseville Music Group Studios
Liquid Lab Studios Dallas TX
Alto Music Studios NYC

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