Mixtape: King Louie – March Madness

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Mixtape: King Louie – March Madness


No way in hell was I posting 31 individual tracks of King Louie. No. Way. For one, I just don’t have that much freaking time. Two, the always combine them anyway and I’m sure you all don’t care that much about a King Louie song to flip out. Take the whole collection and ride out. Holla.

01 V12 Nut (ft. Yella)
02 877-Cash-Now
03 Young Niggas Countin Racks
04 Katie Got Bandz – Pop Out (ft. King Louie)
05 Old Bitch
06 She On Me f.. DJ Victoriouz
07 Lil Bitch f. leek
08 LoKey – Jockin’ f. King Louie
09 Thumbin’
10 LoKey – I Don’t Luv Her f. King Louie
11 High 5
12 Roll Up
13 Hella Bandz and Loud
14 Lil Bibby – That’s How We Move (ft. King Louie)
15 Cuffin’ Season (ft. Leek)
16 Mix Match Designer (ft. Lil Durk)
17 Money, Power, Respect (Cloud 9) (ft. LoKey)
18 Clean
19 Pop Music
20 Where The Bitches At
21 Shawnna – 2 The Moon (Send It Up) (ft. King Louie)
22 Michael Jordan
23 Just Left The Bank
24 I Just Wanna
25 Roll Up The Dope
26 Thotty Things (ft. Lil Durk & Leek)
27 Trickin Off In Texas (ft. Fat Pimp & Fresco Kane)
28 Throw A Party (ft. Lil Durk)
29 I’m In It
30 Heaven
31 Goldie Wit Da Pimpin [Remix]

Download: King Louie-March Madness


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