A-Minus & DaG: “Money & Fame” (feat. Nolan the Ninja)

A-Minus & DaG: “Money & Fame” (feat. Nolan the Ninja)

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One of my favorite parts of hip-hop is the discovery portion of it, you’re listening to a song by one of your favorite artists and you hear a voice pop up that you haven’t heard before. Sometimes you may gloss over the verse but sometimes, you ears perk up and you have to research the artist. That’s what I happened when I heard Detroit emcee A-Minus on Nolan the Ninja’s debut album “heart” on the track “ecology”. Now though A-Minus is here with his solo EP entitled “Get Mama Rich” produced by Michigan producer DaG and today I have the first single “Money & Fame”.

Funny enough “Money & Fame” features Nolan the Ninja and the two go back and forth about the grind. A-Minus & Nolan are fully aware of what it takes to make it to the top. They’re also aware of those who want to ride coattails and the two of them have no time fickle people who aren’t willing to put in the work. You can check out “Money & Fame” below and you can pre-order “Get Mama Rich” right HERE.

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