A-Minus & DaG: “Get Mama Rich” EP [Album Stream]

A-Minus & DaG: “Get Mama Rich” EP [Album Stream]

Detroit emcee A-Minus is known for his collaborations with Guilty Simpson and Nolan the Ninja. This time though A-Minus steps out on his own (FINALLY) with the EP “Get Mama Rich”. Listen I’m tired of people sleeping on Michigan, there is so much talent in the area and A-Minus is only a fraction of it. Let me not forget that the EP is produced entirely by Michigan producer DaG who has produced for a multitude of names as well.

This duo is a match made in heaven, A-Minus’ voice commands the mic, he has an air of confidence that fits DaG’s hazy production. That confidence comes with a lot of honesty from A-Minus and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I hope this leads to a major full-length next year but we’ll see. For now listen to “Get Mama Rich” courtesy of Left Of Center.

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