Mike McFly: “P 4 M…..W.I.H.I.T.D.” [Album Review]

Mike McFly: “P 4 M…..W.I.H.I.T.D.” [Album Review]

Oklahoma emcee Mike McFly came through with an eight track EP entitled “P 4 M….W.I.H.I.T.D” and the project is as vibrant and diverse as the beautiful album cover art coming with the release. Let’s jump in, now off top there are couple patterns to pick up on, there are multiple points that sample conversations and more.

Mike McFly explodes onto the scene with energy in “Hero/Zero” it’s one of many sides we get to see from the from Oklahoma standout. McFly shows his confidence on the mic, but balances this with tracks for the party. “P4M” definitely fits the party vibe, however if I’m being frank it fit any vibe. For every track you can bump in the whip there’s a slower track that you need to perk your ears up and listen to what McFly is saying.

Almost every album has a track or two that slows me down from reviewing it as quick as I want to “Think About It (Interlude)” was that track for me. Going through this you can take standouts like “Jett Jackson” and frame your opinion of the record on the tracks like those, but you’d be missing on so much that McFly has to offer. “Think About It” I believe is the epitome of McFly’s ability to channel collaboration, not as a “celebrity” boost to his track, rather an artistic collaboration that pushes beyond the limits McFly would take on his own. I think that shows a real essence of songwriting and it shines throughout “P4M”. “Think About It” is about taking a step and realizing how far you’ve come, people are always going to doubt, if you keep pushing, they’ll try to fight back…but then you win.

On that same note, Mike McFly brings TWN as the frequent collaborator on this record and I love when artists do this. Listen, we you may be the best at what you do, the best rapper out, whatever whatever, but it’s when you can realize where others can strengthen your music that your music grows and becomes multi-faceted. McFly nails this here, it’d be one thing to just spit exquisitely over some dope production, McFly choose to create songs not just verses attached to beats.

I’m going to be honest with you I have no idea what “P4M…” means but this albums is full of adventure and a myriad of feels. It’s consistent while being different enough to keep you coming back to fall in love with a different song than you did he last time you listened. Mike McFly shows his talents on this and I can only hope that we get a full-length from him soon.

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