MC Whiteowl : “One Chance” (Video)

MC Whiteowl : “One Chance” (Video)

NY emcee MC Whiteowl throws a pertinent question as he spits “If you got one chance to kill a Statik joint- will you rock it in the pocket or will you spit on point..” on his new single/video titled “One Chance“.

Given the setting and what Owl goes through to find relief and sustenance, the clip’s protagonist resembles a hybrid of Tom Hanks’ Castaway character and a down-on-his-luck John Rambo. As in, dude’s clearly been hitting the weights, but has also lost his mind a bit during his time alone in the woods, where he fashions himself a spear to, yes, catch his dinner.

It’s all a visual metaphor for how Owl felt when he was recording “One Chance,” which he sums up in its hook when spitting: “If you had, one chance to kill a Statik track/ Would you spit heat on the beat or would you just fall flat?” He obviously put his all into everything associated with the track, from its borderline-scatterbrain bars to the video’s overall narrative (which, by the way, has a happy ending).

Check out the visuals, which are directed by Olise Forel for Moving Silence (Sadat X, Grand Daddy I.​U.), and be sure to support the single, which is now available for purchase and download through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms via Straight Dope Records.

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