MC Bravado Drops Snippets From His Upcoming HipHop LP

MC Bravado Drops Snippets From His Upcoming HipHop LP

MC Bravado drops snippets of his upcoming album “HipHop“. Check it out here.

The album drops on 3/317.


Brief Bio:
MC Bravado is a transcendent rap artist whose origins are in the NYC area; today, he works and resides in Baltimore, Maryland as a high school English Teacher. He’s defined by his conceptual ingenuity and impassioned defense of the “pen game.” MC B believes that said rigorous approach and adherence to the golden standard of writing, coupled with a delivery all his own, have gotten him to where he is today and will be the vehicle by which he finds staying power in an oftentimes transient genre.
Bravado has recently opened for Onyx, Nappy Roots, Chris Webby, OnCue, KONCEPT & J57, Astronautalis, Ceschi, Felly, Dylan Owen, and more. MC B was also a featured performer at this year’s A3C in addition to playing at SXSW 2016. At SXSW, MC B had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Termanology, Grafh, and Ruste Juxx among others. He’s done previous work with Soul Khan, Mac Lethal, KONCEPT & J57, Copywrite, EP of the Doppelgangaz, Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs, and many more. 

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