Mark Carson On South Carolina, Being A Night Owl & What’s To Come [Interview]

Mark Carson On South Carolina, Being A Night Owl & What’s To Come [Interview]

Dead End Hip Hop: For those who don’t know who is Mark Carson?

Mark Carson: Mark Carson is this 19 y/o dude from South Carolina who does a bunch of dope stuff.

DEHH: Tell me a bit about your introduction to hip-hop and what got you into making music?

MC: Ight so the first Hip-Hop record I remember hearing was “Cleanin’ Out My Closet” when I was 5 or 6. Definitely too young to know what Em was talking about but my mom put me on that at an early age lol. In middle school, I was writing rhymes but high school was when I got into Pro Tools and started recording myself. We had a small friend group but every day after school we were in the stu (my garage studio) just making music. A lot of influence from Tribe & Biggie.

DEHH: I get a ton of music, but the visuals for “Taxi” grabbed me instantly, what was filming that video like and what inspired the video?

MC: Yeah, the music video for Taxi was crazy. Pretty much everything in that video was done on the fly. We accidentally booked 2 cabs at the same time so everyone was hella confused when they both showed up but it worked perfectly. We wanted the video to be tongue-in-cheek, that was the direction for it, from the cabs, to the $1 dollar bills, to the scene in the laundry mat.

DEHH: Alright, alright, let’s move on to why we’re here, the “Night Owl” EP, what brought that about?

MC: I’d say my own night owl tendencies. I collab’d with LEANBWOY to create a vibe I could get more introspective on. Sometimes you gotta kick back and observe. Putting the ‘Home Alone’ dub in it really glued it together, not just for that track, but the whole vibe of the project being a ‘home alone night owl type’.

DEHH: Now when I heard “Taxi”, this current project, caught me a tad of guard, because you’re pretty personal and go into some emotional stuff on here, can you speak on that?

MC: Yeah man, from the start I wanted to dig a lil bit deeper. Some situations that cross my path don’t always show on the surface but if you listen deep enough you’ll find ’em.

DEHH: I had the chance to interview Candiboo a while back who’s also from South Carolina and I’m curious what’s the hip-hop scene like in South Carolina?

MC: Actually, the scene here is starting to make some noise. What’s unique is that it’s not just one city or area that’s growing, its the whole state. From the low country, midlands, to the upstate, the whole scene is coming up. Not just artist & producers but also a lot of visual artist, writers, bloggers, & creatives. Honestly, I feel like SC is the most overlooked, but everybody says that about their state lol. Come thru & check it out tho. Shouts out to Candiboo too

DEHH: Making it as an artist is always challenging what are some tips you can give to up and coming artists looking to be heard?

MC: Man, dont ‘look to be heard.’ Just be an artist & once you start making dope content people will come to you.

DEHH: When someone is done listening to the “Night Owl” EP or a Mark Carson track what do you want them to walk away with?

MC: Every1 gonna walk away with something different. For every positive, a negative. Nahimsayin

DEHH: A birdie told me, you’re gearing up for a show in SC, what else can we expect from you in 2018?

MC: At least 1 more project this year, maybe 2, depends on how I’m feelin. Also, a handful of music videos will drop thru the year. And that birdie was correct, Music Farm Columbia and a 3 day tour with Slime Dollaz & Silk The Prince.

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