Malibu Shark Attack – S/T Album

Malibu Shark Attack – S/T Album

I’ve been meaning to post this for a LONG time, but I’m a dickhead and I’ve just been super busy. Anyway, this is the new release by Malibu Shark Attack. They consist of Tribe One (of The Remnant) and producer, Rocky. This is definitely different from the hip hop you’ll randomly hear nowadays. Imagine experimental rap mixed with electro-pop beats mixed with…I don’t even know. All I know is it’s dope! Super catchy and very well made. Remember that project Busdriver did with Radioinactive and Daedelus? Well cross that with, maybe, some of Louis Logic’s more recent material and you’re kind of on the right path.

Either way, stop and give these guys a listen!

You can check their whole album out here!

Below is a video they did for the first track on the record.

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