MAHD – Rap Better

MAHD – Rap Better

rap better3


Using a frigid instrumental filled with wind chimes and heavy low ends
as the backdrop for his declaration of war on inferior MCs, the rising
Detroit rapper sounds both agitated and ready to release some
aggression. Thankfully for his contemporaries, he’s only using his

MAHD addresses not being added to the Detroit Vs. Everybody remix:
“The song and remix was cool. A lot of people were asking why wasn’t
I on the remix or felt like I should’ve been. I really don’t know why
I didn’t get a call to be a part of it but it’s just motivation to
work harder. I know I can out-rap everyone on that remix but I have
more work to do for everyone else to realize it.”

Hit the link below to check out MAHD’s latest release. “13” is slated
to release March 2nd and preorders start February 4th, 2015.


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