Lupe Fiasco – DROGAS light Review by @donnieskillz

Lupe Fiasco – DROGAS light Review by @donnieskillz

Lupe Fiasco is arguably one of the most misunderstood emcees of our time. The Chi-town emcee is somewhat in a league of his own, lyrically he is at the apex but the controversies that surround him tend to bog down the listening pleasure at times. His most recent was the “anti semitic” accusation brought up by a blogger which really irked Lupe to the marrow. Anyway enough of that, let’s get down to the nitty gritty with his latest album.

DROGAS Light is Lupe’s 6th studio album after the dense “Tetsuo & Youth” which I must say was/is pure solid gold from beginning to end. At 14 tracks long, “DROGAS light” follows some of the same themes from Tetsuo-which is not a bad thing. Lupe has certainly mastered the art of making records that bump and at the same time make you question everything you know about life, the government and much more.

The project really kicks off at a high note with the head nodding “Dopamine Lit(intro)” & “NGL,” things slow down a bit for ‘Promise‘. Most of the early section on the album have tracks that show Lupe fully adopting the new age trap nuances from recurring chants to subtle melodies. The soundscape for the majority of this album are pretty ethereal and atmospheric with a ton of trap bouncy beats which adds a new whole layer to Lupe’s song writing abilities.

In the guest department he brings back Tetsuo collaborator  Ty Dollar $ign on 2 solid cuts and while I had high hopes for the Big KRIT and Lupe collab “Tranquilo“,  I just had to settle for what I would say is an “aiight” song. Not saying the song was a total let down but I’m not fully invested in the song(don’t even get me started on Mr Rozay).

The last 4 tracks utilize soundscapes from Soft Rock, EDM, RnB and while they are brilliant songs, they just don’t really hit me like the first ten songs. To wrap things up, I’m guessing that Lupe Fiasco is only teasing us wth this project and I can only expect something exception when “DROGAS” is released.

Fav joints: Dopamine Lit(Intro), Promise, High(interlude), Jump

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