Lupe Fiasco Beefs With Childish Gambino (Kinda, Not Really)

Lupe Fiasco Beefs With Childish Gambino (Kinda, Not Really)

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Yeah. You just read that. And now something inside your little black nerd has just imploded. Apparently Lupe is being more vocal than usually nowadays. What started off as a small suggestion for Lupe to tap into his more comedic side suddenly shifted into an unexpected left hand jab (if that’s what you wanna call it) at, out of all people, Childish Gambino. All we can say is that things turned weird pretty fast.

At first, Lupe tweeted the joke, “Roscoe’s should serve a 2pc. white with beans and call it “The Wind Beneath My Wings.” This was then countered by the people over with:

Lupe then replied back with: “That’s like pulling a @DonaldGlover in reverse.”

@LupeFiascoStore then tweeted back:

Now, this is where everything “went left”. Out of nowhere, Lupe wrote back:

“Nah I don’t work with blacks

Although this is probably just sarcasm than it is an actual beef, it quickly trended on Twitter and many fans, including this one, decided to chime in on the situation:

Lupe then defended himself in multiple tweets by saying: “Those were niggaz.” and that “Blacks and niggaz come from 2 completely different parts of the chicken… @datkidsqweent @lupefiascostore @DonaldGlover.”

Moments later, Childish Gambino himself found the conversation and threw his own two cents in:

Now of course Lupe said it was a joke, but the real question still remains: WHEN THE HELL ARE THESE TWO GONNA GET TOGETHER AND DO A COLLABO?

But seriously, whether or not this story will continue, either on or off Twitter, is completely up to Fiasco and Glover. Hopefully this Twitter back-and-forth doesn’t just fizzle up like say a “Joey Bada$$/Lil B” or a “Pusha T/Lil Wayne”.




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