LOWFi: “The Allegory” [Album Review]

LOWFi: “The Allegory” [Album Review]

Hip Hop groups are a rarity these days and it breaks my heart in half to think about. While I never expected us to go back to the days of Wu-Tang Clan or Hieroglyphics,  the explosion of groups like Odd Future, A$AP Mob, Pro Era gave me hope. However, with all those groups disbanded, it seems we have a new group on the rise in LOWFi and their debut album “The Allegory”.

LOWFi is made of Jayy Grams, Von Wilda & Hayelo and let me tell you seeing a group this cohesive at this age (they’re all teenagers) gives me a lot of hope for the future. These guys can spit, they all have their own unique style and all make different kinds of hip-hop. This isn’t just a group of kids, putting out some supposed “bangers” no, these are artists who already sound like they’re ready to take over the hip-hop scene.

Nine tracks deep, coming in at around a half hour long, every emcee brings top notch lyricism. I can’t front, I didn’t know what I was going to get with this album, but once “Danger” came on I knew this group meant business. I’m not going to spoil things because I feel like you do need to experience this group on your own, but I was blown away by the maturity and diversity of beats and subjects covered.

Along with this, their best creative decision was mixing and releasing different tracks with different members of the group. You’re not getting a release where all three show up on every single track. This works because even when it is just two of the members, they’ve developed their own chemistry with each other so any combination of these artists work. A myriad of topics are covered from cops, to relationships, to just raw lyricism, I don’t know how they’ve become this good this early, but watch out.

Truthfully “The Allegory” is a mature record and one, you usually don’t hear from teenagers. Don’t let your guard down though because this trio already sounds polished and good GAWD, “LOWFi Anthem” is a guaranteed banger that I didn’t know I needed. Currently on tour with Chris Webby this won’t be the last we hear of LOWFi.

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