Los “The Crow Ain’t Safe” mixtape review (written)

Los “The Crow Ain’t Safe” mixtape review (written)

I have never been fond of hip hop artists doing “remakes” or “covers” to other hip hop songs. I’ve always felt it lacked creativity and originality, so when I saw that Los did Kanye West’s Power, I wasn’t expecting much. But the day I listened to that track, I fell back in love with hip hop. Add to that, his remake of Fall For Your Type and The Crown Ain’t Safe, you have one very happy hip hop fan. With the success of those tracks and all the hype surrounding his mixtape, let’s see if he gets the throne he feels he deserves.

1.     MONEY LOUD – FAVORITE BAR: “MONEY OLD, BUT I’M YOUNG/MY POCKETS ON BENJAMIN BUTTON”. First off, Los gets props for his George Washington Carver bar…it was straight nuts (yes, pun was intended). Jahlil Beats gives Los a great club banger with this track. Some fans wondered about Los being able to make a commercial/club track; he doesn’t disappoint. It has a Lex Luger feel with hot bars and gives us a new street anthem.

2.     WHAT’S GOOD – FAVORITE BAR:”THEN PUT THAT K TO A N R’S, LIKE I’M BOUT TO SPELL ARKANSAS”.  I love the intro to this track. This is a good track for the fans. Los is letting everyone know that he knows “he should be on“. He takes Battleroy’s beat and rides it well. He proves to his non-believers that he can “make an atheist say OMG“. This track reassures his fans that he is going to make it to the top and he declares that he is “coming for the crown with no convo

3.     MASTERPIECE – FAVORITE BAR: “DON’T WANT YOU TO BALL, LIKE CINDERALLA’S STEP SISTERS”.  Calvo brings one of the best productions on the mixtape. This track feels like a “masterpiece“. This track “bumps in the whip“. Hands down, this is a REPEAT TRACK!

4.     VINTAGE ROLLS ROYCE INTERIOR – FAVORITE BAR: “A CUMMERBUND COULDN’T STOMACH THIS”.  I was so glad that he dropped this as the single because this was good track placement. Drum Machine made the best beat off of the mixtape. I love how he keeps the opposite concept throughout the track. Make sure you check out the video he has for it as well. This is a REPEAT TRACK!

5.     OUTRO (FEATURING SEAN HAYZ) – FAVORITE BAR: “THE MAN ON THE MOON COULDN’T TALK DOWN TO ME”.  Usually, artists don’t put much into their outro. Los shows artists how to use every track/placement on his project with through his outro. Sean Hayz sounds smooth on this Reign produced track. This track definitely leaves you wanting more.

Overall, this is a hot mixtape. I’m glad to finally hear Los on original beats. I would have liked to hear more social content from Los.  He was doing what he does best, but I don’t want Los to get pigeon-holed as just a punch line artist. I’ve heard “Freedom of Speech” and “Next Black President” and know that he is capable of doing more conscious music. Bottomline:  Los puts hope back into hip hop. He proves to artists everywhere, regardless of shady record deals and the woes of the industry, if you make quality music – the fans will support you. I hope the rap kings aren’t getting to cozy in those thrones because the crown ain’t safe!

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