Long Island’s ADUM⁷ Realeases Hikari Instrumental Album

Long Island’s ADUM⁷ Realeases Hikari Instrumental Album

ADUM⁷ (FKA MeccaGodZilla ) releases new album titled “光: Let There Be…” Channeling the realms of metaphysics and spirituality, A⁷ creates an esoteric tribute to ‘light’ and the biblical account of  “The Story of Creation.” This release is a follow up to his 2014 album ERROARS 2.2: Metal Sakura and the subsequent 2.5 year hiatus, giving him the necessary reprieve to make this imminent and deliberate return.

ADUM⁷ is an acronym for A Dream Universally Manifested to the God power.A⁷’s success in 2016 saw him working on various projects internationally with Japan and Panama. Now with new material expected throughout the year and to push himself further, A⁷ will no longer use the moniker MeccaGodZilla as a way to be fully self expressed as a renaissance artist.

光: Let There Be… Tracklist:
01. Hikari
02. Half a Star
03. Tireless
04. Taiwan 74
05. CRETE1
06. Falkor meets Mecca
07. Thank you Meccataku
08. Isa Blue
09. Hulked Out (tribute to Chevon)
10. Timmonsville Summer 1995 (Kahlil)
11. Falkor meets Yangui Yasiungu

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