Locksmith & Apollo Brown: “No Question” [Album Review]

Locksmith & Apollo Brown: “No Question” [Album Review]

The one producer, one emcee album, is a tad of a lost art, however California emcee Locksmith has teamed up with Mello Music Group producer Apollo Brown to bring us “No Question”.

I’m not going to front, I’m late to the Locksmith party, but there’s two things at play here. Number 1 Apollo Brown has never steered us wrong in his backing of artists young and old. Number 2 after listening to “No Question” I’m already going back and listening to Locksmith’s past work. The EP starts off with your patented Apollo Brown instrumental “Just Ask” setting the soundscape for what’s in store. Locksmith comes in on “Advice To My Younger Self”. The title speaks for itself, however for some this is going to be your introduction to the Cali native and he impresses off top. Locksmith is mature and gone through his experiences and pain and this first track again sets the stage.

Locksmith leaves no stone unturned in “No Questions”, he covers all the bases while keeping your ears perked and interested. Tracks like “Slow Down” covers the ever raging battle of the sexes in the realm of relationships. Trust issues, and remaining patient in the process are just a few of topics we see Locksmith tackle with impressive detail.

Tracks like “Between The Raindrops” are then juxtaposed with tracks like “Wake Up”. The former speaks of some of life’s frustrations and trials, Locksmith and Apollo follow this up with tracks like “In My Element” & “Wake Up” a call to action to get yours, don’t let others or worse, yourself stop you from chasing your passions and dreams you know to be true.

Listen, Apollo Brown doesn’t steer us wrong, when he backs an artist, you need to not only listen to their collaborative project, but you also need to retrace their steps and check out their entire discography….Locksmith is no exception. There is no overshadowing here, Locksmith comes correct in a variety of ways, storytelling, calls to action and just straight rapping. There is “No Question” that Locksmith is a talent and this project will have you fiending for more from both artists, pray one day we get an LP from these two.

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